You are happy, or we will return your money

We feel insecure when we make decisions that bring changes. Especially when the changes we make are investments for many years ahead - buying a property, investing in a repair or custom furniture.


The time spent in the kitchen often turns out to be the most heartfelt, sincere and pleasant, lived with those you love. It is natural to want this place to be perfect for you, just as a kitchen means an investment for 10-15 years.

A custom kitchen is a product for which you pay in advance, but you see it installed in your home, on average, in 3 months.


Of course, you get a 2D technical sketch from the designer, a complex 3D project in which you visualize your future kitchen. Still, we understand that you may have doubts and fears about the quality of the product you will receive because you put a lot of soul and made a financial investment.

What would it be like not to decide to buy a kitchen when you sign a contract or when you pay an advance?


We offer you the quality guarantee of Bismobil Kitchen - if the quality of the fitted kitchen does not meet your expectations, then we take the kitchen and assume the return of the entire amount you have invested.


For us, the smile and the emotions you experience when you receive the much-desired kitchen matter.

When you accept every corner of the newly assembled kitchen when you imagine where your favourite cup will sit or how you will cook the delicacies loved by everyone in the house, when your eyes of happiness shine in front of your dream just realized… then it's time to understand if it's what you've always wanted.

Bismobil Kitchen - for you to be one hundred per cent happy!


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An expert designer takes your space measurements and creates a unique 3D project for you!

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